Blanket and Sheet Cleaning

Everyone at The Blanket Lady is an experienced horse person. With over 15 years of continuous service to the horse community, we have developed an unparalleled standard of clean:

  • Every blanket is disinfected, double washed, and triple rinsed.
  • All chemicals are USDA approved. We clean without harming your blankets or our environment.
  • Manufacturer guidelines are closely followed - including the use of proper water temperatures (not just cold water wash and rinse.)
  • Proper handling and disposal of waste water is strictly enforced.
  • State of the art equipment with customizable wash programs mean we can get even your really dirty blankets really clean.

But we don't stop there... Our fully climate-controlled facility:

  • Allows blankets to dry quickly and completely, eliminating that “funky” smell indicative of mold, mildew and bacterial growth,
  • Eliminates UV damage and fading,
  • Cotton and wool blankets can’t shrink,
  • Our unprecedented investment in equipment guarantees the fastest turnaround time in the industry - any time of the year!

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